Jay Morris

Jay entered the appraisal profession in 1988 working for Property Systems, gaining experience in appraising residential and commercial/industrial properties on numerous projects in Indiana and Ohio. Jay was promoted to Project Manager for the 1995 Reassessment in Clinton County followed by a brief juncture working for Manatron as Project Manager in Lawrence County Illinois. Upon completion he returned to Property Systems as Vice President and Project Manager of Howard County for the 2002 Reassessment. Jay administrated the Supervisors of the 2012 reassessments in Howard, Decatur, Floyd and Benton County.

Jay has proven himself to be successful in all aspects of the industry. Jay has mastered proficiency in operations management, reappraisals of commercial and industrial properties, land value studies, and compilation of sales information for ratio studies. Jay has been involved in informal, formal and state hearings in a number of counties, both in Indiana and Illinois.


Gail MacIntyre

Gail entered the appraisal profession in 1993 working for Property Systems developing a working knowledge through hands on experience in the area of data collection of residential and commercial industrial properties. She earned the title of Assistant Project Manager during the 1995 Reassessment in Newton County. Gail has participated in multiple maintenance projects as well as land ratio studies in numerous counties. By 1999 she was the Treasurer and partners of Property Systems while acting as the Project Manager for both Newton and Warren County Projects for the 2002 Reassessment.

Gail administered the supervisors of the 2012 reassessments in Carroll, Newton, Warren, and Montgomery County. Her background in management and accounting and her proven ability of multifunction tasking contributes strong leadership qualities to the company.


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